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Our exclusive global retreats allow you to take your art and wine experience to a whole new level. Travel to far off destinations renowned for their ancient histories and fine wine. Learn about the art and wine of the selected regions whilst you mix and mingle with like minded travelers and spend intimate time with locals. Absorb the art, wine, culture and food of these beautiful destinations for a complete sensory experience like no other.

Each retreat is unique and will encompass wine tours, cooking lessons/demonstrations, art classes and art tours.

If you would like to try your hand at creating your own work of art you can take part in one of our painting retreats. We have sourced some of the worlds best instructors to insure that you can take your artist abilities to the next level. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced painter, our art retreats are tailor made for a variety of levels. If you want to bring a significant other who doesn’t paint, no problem. We can insure that everyone’s needs are taken care of and they will also have lots to enjoy as you paint.

All of our art tours are paired with wine tours. Learn all there is to know about the wine making process that is unique to each region. Sample wines and learn more about how to taste on a deeper level. Purchase some of your samplings to take home and share with friends.

Each culture in the world expresses it’s unique taste through the preparation and sharing of food. Once you become acquainted with the others in your group we will come together and eat family style, enjoying meals together and learning more about the region you are exploring through the food created by locals.

Stay in beautiful accommodations that are hand sourced for their excellence. Each location offers a different perspective of the country & regions that you are exploring. Whether you are enjoying a stroll through the picturesque countryside, shopping in an ancient city, admiring the art in Assisi, navigating through a medieval village, soaking in the sun in Florida, our retreats bring the best of what the local region has to offer as you retreat from your life. Learn about the art created in each region as you absorb the unique climate and landscape.